Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Awaiting a solution from our ISP

So why hasn't http://www.okchistory.com/ not been updated in two months? The answer lies with our ISP and our lack of experience in running a web site. So now I ask your advice... the web site as we last updated it still stands for all the world to see. But to update it in the novice-friendly webbuilder program provided as part of our ISP contract, we would have to start from scratch due to a data base crash. Is this true? We are trying to find out... it seems odd everything is still intact, yet we can't save it.
For now, let me recommend a great new book - "Whatever Happened to Molly Murphy's House of Fine Repute," written by the widow of the restaurant's owner, Bob Tayar. Anyone with a memory of this classic restaurant will enjoy this tell-all expose on Tayar's brilliance and extraordinary weakness for not being able to simply be content with success.
- Steve